Q. Can I have my link on your links page?

Yes, as long as you have linked to us, your link is relevant, and there are no more than 30 links on our links page.

Just send details using the contact page


Q.  How do I apply for jobs on this website?

To apply to any jobs on the website, please contact the advertiser directly using the contact form on their advert page.

We cannot answer any questions about  jobs posted by other people.

Q. I would like to post a job advert on this website, is it possible?

This is a mainly private website for partners, however, for a small job advert fee, we allow between 10 - 20 3rd party adverts per month.

Please use the contact page to get in touch, if this you wish to place a job advert.


Q. Which Languages can I submit my Job Advert in?

You can submit your advert in English only, English and French, or English and Spanish.


Q. Can I have my article placed on this site?

If your article is relevant and non commerical , then yes. If it is a commericial article, we may reject it or charge a fee.

Use contact page to get in touch to discuss.